Chris Holland - Lighting Designer & Theatre Consultant
Gwen awaits her husband's early morning arrival."Car's a little broken...""He never listened to me""Do you know the Murder Man...  Who lives on Drury Lane?""He told me you'd watch Casablanca with him...""They don't always look heavy, sometimes they're just dense.""Thank you all for making my job sunshine up the ass ""What's your bullet's name?""Just hold your breath, close your eyes, and think about Disneyworld.""So Gwen, do you want this job, or not?"
Killing Women - Pinkyswear Productions
Written by Marissa Wegrzyn
Directed by Jessica Aimone
Produced by Pinkyswear Productions

Scenic Design by Chris Holland
Lighting Design by Chris Holland
Costume Designer by Adalia Tonneyck
Sound Design by Jonathan Boyeck

One would think that hard work and dedication would be enough to get a girl a promotion, but, turns out, an assassins' guild is just like any other damn job. Workplace politics, achieving a work-life balance, and recruiting new employees is truly hell in this excellent dark comedy.